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First Christian Church has Sunday School offerings, Wednesday night programming & small groups for all ages and walks of life.

Sunday Morning Information

Elementary and Youth Information

The Children’s Ministry at First Christian Church has been thriving lately with recent changes we’ve made to our programming. On Sunday mornings all kids three and younger are provided the opportunity to a safe Sunday morning experience with our dedicated workers in our nursery. Children four and five will have their own class which we call Beginner Church. Beginner church provides the children with a fun atmosphere alongside the teachings of the foundational truths of the Bible. The kids will enjoy crafts, games, and music that all tie into the Biblical lesson for that particular week. The transition between Beginner Church and Children’s Church has become the most exciting part of the Children’s Ministry here at First Christian. All of our Elementary students are now participating in their very own worship service on Sunday mornings. We are using the Orange 252 Basics curriculum. The Orange 252 Basics curriculum which gives an exciting Sunday morning experience for our students. The 252 Basics is based off of Luke 2:52 where it says “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” As a church this example of Jesus is exactly what we want our students to experience. That as they grow up and mature they would also grow in the wisdom of who God is. There are three basic truths in every single lesson. The students will be able to connect at least one of these truths. 1. I need to make the wise choice. We want our students to understand that they have the ability to make the wise choice in every situation with God’s help. 2. I can trust God no matter what. We want our students to believe that no matter what is going on in their lives that they can always put their trust in God and He will never fail them. 3. Treat others the way you want to be treated. We here that said a lot nowadays but if our students will understand the impact of this they will begin to make a difference in their schools and homes. The reasoning for us as church adopting the Orange Curriculum is very simple. We see a need for parents and the church to come together as one to make a difference in our kids’ lives. The Orange team uses the phrase “one combined influences is greater than two separate influences.” It is our prayer as a church that we will all come together as one influence to make a difference in the next generation. We have been so blessed by the growth of our Children’s Ministry and are excited to see where God leads us. If you have any questions about any of our youth programming please do not hesitate to ask Collin or contact our church office.

Adult Education

Adult Bible Study (All ages)

Women’s Class (All ages)

Men’s Class (All ages)

Wednesday Night Information

Nursery & classes for all youth ages available.

Adult Women's & Men's Bible Studies

Contact the church office for more information on current offerings.

Other Education/Small Group Happenings

Women's Ministries

Monday Evening Bible Study starting at 4:30 in the women's Sunday School Classroom Upstairs.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study starting at 8:30 in the women's Sunday School Classroom Upstairs.

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